Diary August 21, 1915

British armored cruiser 'Canopus'
The British armored cruiser ‘Canopus’ in action at Gallipoli.
Diary for Saturday, August 21, 1915:

Middle East

Gallipoli, Suvla bridgehead – Battle of Scimitar Hill and Western Hills: 4 British divisions fail to break through, lose 5,300 casualties, but Hamilton rejects proposed evacuation next day.

Sea War

Allies declare blockade of Turk coasts from Samos Island to Egypt.
Gallipoli: 4 Royal Navy cruisers support Battle of Scimitar Hill and Western Hills (Suvla).


Britain declares cotton absolute contraband (France next day). Anglo­-Danish (August 23) and Norwegian cotton agreements (August 31).

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