Diary August 25, 1917

Delegates from the Russian army
Delegates from the Russian army. Some, the radicals, have torn the bands off their shoulders to show their scorn for authority.
World War One Diary for Saturday, August 25, 1917:

Home Fronts

Russia: Kerensky opens Moscow National Conference (­until August 29), Bolsheviks boycott.

Western Front

Ypres: Second phase of Third Ypres ends. Haig decides to transfer battle from Gough to Plumer who submits plans on August 29. BEF losses 68,010 soldiers since July 31.
Artois: Battle of Hill 70 ends.
Verdun: French advancing north of Hill 304, only 14,470 casualties since August 20, but have taken 9,100 PoWs; 30 guns; 22 mortars and over 13 MGs.


Poland: State Council resigns because of German policy.

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