Diary August 24, 1942

Dauntless dive bombers on a US carrier
SBD Dauntless dive bombers on a US carrier in the Pacific.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, August 24, 1942:

Air War

North Africa: Stripped-down Spitfire destroys Ju 86R high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft over Suez Canal.

Sea War

Pacific – BATTLE OF THE EASTERN SOLOMONS: Japanese make fruitless attempt to land reinforcements on Guadalcanal under protection of their Combined Fleet. Carrier Ryujo sunk; US carrier Enterprise damaged.

Eastern Front

Siege of Leningrad: Red Army attempts to raise the siege by so-called Operation Sinyavino. Troops of Volkhov Front push west to outskirts of Sinyavino, but are unable to link up with Leningrad Front forces attempting to extend Neva bridgeheads during September.

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