Diary August 27, 1915

Hindenburg receives outstanding soldiers
Hindenburg receives outstanding soldiers on the Eastern Front.
Diary for Friday, August 27, 1915:

Eastern Front

Falkenhayn orders divisions from Mackensen to Danube despite Hindenburg and Ludendorff’s opposition; another 10 divisions follow later.
Galicia­: Austrian ‘Black Yellow Offensive’ until September 12.

Western Front

Alsace: French storm trenches between Sondernach (foothold on crest since August 17) and Lardersbach.

Southern Fronts

Julian Alps: Italians storm Mt Rombon and on August 30 also Mt Maronia.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Townshend returns to Amara after sick leave in India, ordered to advance on Kut. Firefly gunboat assemblage begun at Abadan.

Sea War

Adriatic: Italian CNS Revel warns Abruzzi to conserve ships, war likely to be long.

Air War

Western Front – Argonne: French bomb Chatel rail station.

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