Diary August 28, 1917

French officers awarding medals to Rumanian troops
French officers awarding medals to Rumanian troops on the Eastern Front in summer 1917.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, August 28, 1917:

Eastern Front

Russia: CoS Kornilov appeals at Moscow National Conference for restoration of Army’s discipline and supply. Kerensky tells General Barter that troops will winter in trenches and regain discipline.
Rumania: Mackensen attacks in Marasesti and Okna sectors; Russian divisions defects but Rumanians hold heroically at Varnita-Muncelu (until September 3).

Western Front

Verdun: French now stand on virtually same line as before German onslaught of February 21, 1916.

Sea War

Baltic: German aircraft drop 90 bombs on Russian shipping in Gulfs of Finland and Riga; destroyer Stroini crippled by 130lb seaplane bomb.

Air War

Arabia: 4 Royal Flying Corps aircraft from Kuntilla in Sinai (40 miles northwest of Aqaba) drop 32 bombs (4 hits) on Maan engine shed and barracks (c.100 Turk casualties); 3 aircraft bomb Turk Abu-el-Lisal camp and Maan again on August 29.
Italian Front: 1,474 Italian sorties flown since August 19, average of 225 aircraft per day, 81 aircrew killed.

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