Diary August 28, 1918

Gun Carroer Tank
A Gun Carrier Tank, with its intended transportable gun removed, is being used as a supply tank near Arras in August 1918.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, August 28, 1918:

Western Front

Somme: Chaulnes reoccupied by French. Crown Prince William Special Order claims ‘There is no reason for depression. Even 24 enemy states [actually 23] will not overcome the German nation.’
Artois: Canadian 2nd and 3rd Divisions (5,801 casualties) have fought more than 5 miles forward astride Arras­-Cambrai road since August 26, capturing over 3,300 PoWs, 53 guns and 519 MGs, but II Bavarian Corps clings to part of Fresnes­-Rouvroy line.

Eastern Front

Russia: Miliukov leaves Cadets and forms Constitutional Monarchist Party.
Volga: Colonel Kappel’s 2,000 Whites just fail to seize Romanov railbridge (Moscow­-Kazan line) and Trotsky’s HQ train in Red Fifth Army rear. On August 29 Trotsky shoots 20 men from Red regiment that fled on.
Trans-Caspia: 500 Punjabis (32 casualties) and Whites repel Reds from Merv near Kaakhka.

Sea War

North Sea: Destroyer HMS Ouse with help of Blackburn Kangaroo seaplane depth charges and sinks UC-70 off Yorkshire coast.

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