Diary August 5, 1916

'tribal transport' porters
Some 1,500 British ‘tribal transport’ porters setting out. All troops relied to a very considerable extent on head-carrying to get their supplies forward. The porters were often coerced into serving, poorly paid, and not always wll treated.
Diary for Saturday, August 5, 1916:

African Fronts

East Africa – Smuts resumes main advance through Nguru Mountains on Morogoro (Central Railway): 7,000 men and 36 guns against c.2,000 Germans.

Eastern Front

Brusilov offensive, Galicia: Hindenburg visits Zborov behind Suedarmee which fights Battle of Zalozce (August 7-10).

Southern Fronts

Macedonia: Bulgars cross Greek frontier to south of Monastir and occupy two villages (until August 7).

Middle East

Armenia: Kemal reoccupies Bitlis and Mus (August 6), taking 2 guns and 2 MGs.

Oval@3x 2

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