Diary August 5, 1918

Zeppelin L70
The newly completed ‘L70’ was considered an outstanding airship and the final version of the ‘Super-Zeppelin’. It should climb to an altitude where it might be immune from interception and remaining in the air for several days.
World War One Diary for Monday, August 5, 1918:

Air War

Britain: Final attempted Zeppelin raid by L-70, L-65 (hit) and L-53 and L-56 (all bombs into sea). L-70 (Lossnitzer and Leader of Airships Strasser) shot down from 18,000ft off Norfolk coast by 2 DH4s (Cadbury/Leckie and Keys/Harman). 35 defence sorties (2 lost) including USN Air Service F2A (Lieutenant E Lawrence, Ensign A Hawkins) from Killingholme south of Humber.

Western Front

France: 4th and final Paris Gun bombardment (66 shells until August 9).

Eastern Front

USSR: Anglo-French nationals arrested in Moscow.
East Siberia: 1,150 French colonial troops land at Vladivostok (arrive at front under shell fire August 11-12), Marines land on August 9.
Volga­: 2,500 Czechs and Whites land at Kazan but are driven back.

Middle East

Azerbaijan: First Turk attack on Baku repulsed by 8,000 defenders (620 casualties); 2 Duncars and 200 British troops reach city and help (2 more Duncars and 150 British soldiers land on August 7).
Georgia: Kress radios Berlin ‘I have hampered every shipment of munitions [for Turks] from Batumi via Tiflis up to the present’. US interception station, picks up and solves in 1 hours (another signal decoded on August 8).

Sea War

USA: Hog’s I, Philadelphia, launches first fabricated ship SS Ouistconck and 7 completed by January 8, 1919, yard having been built from scratch since September 20, 1917 (16 ships launched).

Oval@3x 2

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