Diary August 6, 1945

 mushroom cloud over Hiroshima
The mushroom cloud over Hiroshima. Unlike the inhabitants of other Japanese cities, the Americans have not warned there of an attack and so the atomic age begins with the death of 100,000 people.
Diary for Monday, August 6, 1945:

Air War

Pacific – DESTRUCTION OF HIROSHIMA: B-29 SuperfortressEnola Gay‘ of 393rd Bomber Squadron, 509th Composite Group, 20th Air Force, commanded by Colonel Tibbets, drops 20-kilotonne atomic bomb (‘Little Boy‘) from altitude of 9,449 meters; device explodes 18 seconds after 8.16 am (local time) 564 m above city. 12 sq km of built-up area obliterated.

Home Fronts

USA: Major Richard I. Bong, top American fighter ‘ace’ of WW2 (40 victories), killed testing a P-80 Shooting Star jet fighter; aged 24.

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