Diary August 8, 1940

Italian Fiat CR32 biplane fighters on an airfield in Libya
Aged Italian Fiat CR32 biplane fighters on an airfield in Libya. The Fiat CR32 was built in large numbers and forming the major part of the Regia Aeronautica fighter force 1935-40.
Diary for Thursday, August 8, 1940:

Air War

Battle of Britain (Day 30): Large formations of Ju 87 Stukas, with heavy fighter escort, make three separate attacks on 18-ship convoy in English Channel – following attack of German E-boats (1 lost), which sink 3 ships. Stukas sink 2 ships and damage 7 more. German reconnaissance aircraft active over South England. Losses: German, 31; British, 19.

RAF raids on Schiphol and Valkenburg airfields, Holland (1 aircraft lost); night raids on Hamburg docks, marshalling yards at Hamm and Soest and power station at Cologne (1 aircraft lost).
RAF and Italian fighter biplanes engaged over Western Desert (Libya). 7 Italian and 2 British (Gladiators) shot down.

Home Fronts

India: Lord Linlithgow, Viceroy of India, offers nationalist leaders immediate, but limited constitutional reform – with full examination of independence issue after the war.

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