Diary August 9, 1915

Navy Zeppelin L12
Navy Zeppelin L12 (Peterson) passes over Margate, Ramsgate and Deal before bombing Dover in mistake for the naval base of Harwich. All but three of its 92 bombs dropped landed in the sea.
Diary for Monday, August 9, 1915:

Air War

Britain: 4 German Navy Zeppelins carry out scattered bombing on East Coast (night August 9-10, 38 casualties). L12 damaged by anti-aircraft fire over Dover and forced to ditch off Zeebrugge; towed by torpedo boats into Ostend (despite RNAS bombing by 9 aircraft in succession, 1 lost) but destroyed by fire while being dismantled.
Germany: ­Aviatik planes shoot down 4 French GB4 aircraft in Saarbrücken raid.

Western Front

Flanders – Third Action of Hooge: 2 British brigades of 6th Division (1,800 casualties) recapture trenches lost on July 30 and make further gains north and west of Hooge.
Meuse: German attack in Bois-le­-Pretre. Verdun fortified region created under General Herr (until February 26, 1916).

Middle East

Gallipoli – Suvla bridgehead: Liman v. Sanders gives Kemal Pasha the 12th Division. He stops British advance, overwhelming 32nd brigade.
Anzac: 450 Gurkhas and British soldiers take Hill Q (Second Lieutenant W Slim wounded) northeast of Chunuk Bair where British relieve NZ troops.
Palestine: ­Jerusalem-Beersheba railway opens.

Sea War

Sea of Marmora: Royal Navy submarine E2 shells Mudania rail station (repeats with E11 on August 28) and sinks steamer in Artaki Bay (August 21) on Asian shore.


Turkey: German Ambassador protests against Armenian policy, Talaat Bey pleads ‘excesses of subordinates’ and on August 31 says question ‘no long exists’.
Bulgaria: Government seeks Serb and Greek Macedonia plus Silistria.

Home Fronts

Britain: The Times publishes Lawrence Binyon‘s poem ‘For the Fallen’.

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