Diary August 9, 1945

mushroom cloud over Nagasaki
The 6,000 m high mushroom cloud over Nagasaki, 3 minutes after the second atomic bomb was dropped.
Diary for Thursday, August 9, 1945:

Air War

Pacific: DESTRUCTION OF NAGASAKI. B-29 Superfortress Bock’s Car drops 20-kilotonne atomic bomb (‘Fat Man‘). Area of 4 sq km destroyed.

Atomic Bomb Losses
Hiroshima: perhaps 80,000 dead including 6,769 military personnel, c. 80,000 injured; radiation sickness still affects c. 4,000 survivors.
Nagasaki: c. 40,000 dead, c.60,000 injured.

Home Fronts

Britain: Death of Sir Bernard Partridge, political cartoonist of ‘Punch’ magazine; aged 83.

Russo-Japanese War

RUSSIANS INVADE MANCHUKUO (Manchuria) on 1,609 km front.

Manchurian Campaign:

Strength Russians 1,158,000 (76 divisions) 5,500 26,000 3,900
Strength Japanese 663,000 + 117,000 Manchukuo troops (25 divisions) 1,155 6,260 1,000
Losses Russians 8,219 KIA; 22,264 wounded
Losses Japanese 21,389 KIA; 594,000 PoWs

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