Diary December 10, 1917

MAS torpedo boat of the type 'Grillo'
Italian MAS torpedo boat of the type ‘Grillo’ from the year 1917.
World War One Diary for Monday, December 10, 1917:

Sea War

Adriatic: 2 Italian MAS boats penetrate Trieste, MAS9 (Lieutenant Rizzo) sinks Austrian battleship Wien, worst Austrian warship loss so far.
North Sea­: Royal Navy Air Service seaplanes bomb Bruges docks and airfields near Ghent.

Western Front

Belgium: Petain visits King Albert, ‘deplores the inefficiency of the British Command. The troops are excellent but they have been clumsily used. The Americans lack discipline and experience’.
Cambrai: British capture post east of Boursies (on Bapaume-Cambrai road).
Verdun: Unsuccessful German attack on Chaume Wood (and on December 15).

Eastern Front

Russia: Lenin drafts outline peace programme for negotiations.
Ukraine: Red railway detachments defeat Kornilov north of Kharkov and near Belgorod on December 13.

Southern Fronts

Salonika: Clemenceau recalls Sarrail who leaves on December 22.

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