Diary December 15, 1915

Advancing Russian infantry
Advancing Russian infantry in winter snow.
Diary for Wednesday, December 15, 1915:

Eastern Front

German War Minister at Hindenburg Headquarter.
Western Russia: ­Russian penetration north of lake Drisviati (south of Dvinsk) repulsed. Russians also repelled near mouth of Beresina but German column broken up north of lake Miadzol (December 19).

Western Front

Field Marshal French resigns as C-in-C BEF . Sir D Haig to succeed; warm personal letter received from King George.

Southern Fronts

Albania: Most Serbs have reached plains around Scutari, Podgovica and Elbasan. French supplies from Brindisi beginning to arrive. Serbs have saved 81 guns, 179 MGs and 55,000 rifles.

Middle East

Persia: Turk division occupies Kasr-i-Shirin close to border. Russian general Baratov occupies Holy City of Kum (December 20), skirmishes with enemy at Asadabad, southwest of Hamadan (December 25).

African Fronts

Cameroons: Gouverneur Eber­maier and Colonel Zimmermann decide to evacuate Yaunde secretly, retreats south of river Nyong, moving Government to Ebolowa until December 25.


Serbia: King Peter lands at Brindisi, Italy.

Secret War

337 active German agents in the West.

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