Diary December 15, 1917

Fraternisation between Austro-Hungarian and Russian soldiers
Fraternisation between Austro-Hungarian and Russian soldiers on the Eastern Front.
World War One Diary for Saturday, December 15, 1917:

Eastern Front

BREST-LITOVSK 28-DAY ARMISTICE (until January 14, 1918) signed between Russia and Central Powers to begin noon on December 17. Fraternization centres fixed, week’s notice of termination. Germans given police powers in Baltic Provinces.

Western Front

Germany: Kuhl memo to Ludendorff urges his St George scheme for a Flanders offensive since now fairly certain BEF unable to launch offensive until numerous US troops arrive.
Flanders: ­Snow hampers operations. Since 15 June 77 German divisions have been transported to Fourth Army front (from Lille-Armentieres road to coast) and 63 transferred elsewhere.
Verdun: In December Mangin restored to duty in command of French IX Corps.

Middle East

Palestine: Allenby Order of the Day praises 60-mile advance on 30-­mile front in 40 days. EEF losses 18,928 to 25,000 Turk (12,036 PoWs), 100 guns and over 132 MGs, more than 20 aircrafts.
Persia: Around this date mutinies among Baratov’s troops at Hamadan.
Turks and Russians to evacuate according to Brest-Litovsk Armistice demarcation agreed at Mosul.

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