Diary December 17, 1916

French greeting card World War One
The return to their loved ones had been a long way off for most of the soldiers-and yet they were sent such greeting cards.
World War One Diary for Sunday, December 17, 1916:

Western Front

Artois: Marwitz takes over German Second Army from Gallwitz (until September 22, 1918) who goes to Fifth Army at Verdun.

Eastern Front

Dobruja: Bulgars break through, causing chaos; 1 st Cossack Division’s radio station with cipher code captured, new code from December 21 no more secret.


Greece: Royalist Government issues warrant for Venizelos‘ arrest for high treason and Athens Archbishop anathematises him on December 26.
USA: Government ends extra-territoriality agreements with Turkey due to her treatment of Armenians and Syrians.

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