Diary December 18, 1940

Gibraltar is prepared for defense
Gibraltar is prepared for defense. Here British soldiers are exercising on a soccer ground direct below the rock.
Diary for Wednesday, December 18, 1940:

Home Fronts

Britain: 10,969 evacuees have now arrived from Gibraltar.
Germany: HITLER ORDERS PREPARATIONS FOR INVASION OF RUSSIA (Operation Barbarossa) with deadline of May 15, 1941. Soviet Army to be encircled and destroyed in West Russia by Panzer columns with powerful air support. Final objective: line Archangel-Urals-River Volga (Stalingrad).

Sea War

Mediterranean: British submarine Triton sunk by Italian torpedo-boat in Straits of Otranto. Battleships Warspite and Valiant bombard Valona, Italian-held port in Albania (night December 18-19). Italian cruisers and destroyers bombard Greek positions on Albanian coast.

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