Diary December 25, 1916

Sopwith Pup
The Sopwith Pup was Britains first true single-seat fighter.
World War One Diary for (day), (Datum):

Air War

Western Front: First RFC Sopwith Pup Squadron (No 54) arrives in France, now 38 active squadrons with 700 aircraft against 33 German Jagdstaf­feln (establishment 14 planes each). No day flying possible.

Western Front

Germany: Major Wetzel and OHL estimate that US expeditionary force on Western Front not possible before spring 1918.

Eastern Front

Russia: Tsar‘s Order to Army and Navy stresses no thought of Peace till ‘final victory’

Middle East

Armenia: Fighting round Lake Van, Turks driven south on December 28.
South Persia – Action of Dasht-i-Arjan: c.400 British & Persians troops forced back to Shiraz (until December 28).

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