Diary December 27, 1916

battleship 'Gaulois'
The French old battleship ‘Gaulois’ was completed in 1896 and was a pre-Dreadnought.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, December 27, 1916:

Sea War

Aegean: ­Escorted French battleship Gaulois sunk by coastal submarine UB-47 (Steinbauer) 30 miles east of Cerigo between Crete and Peloponnese.
Eastern Mediterranean: RNAS seaplanes damage Baghdad Railway‘s Chikaldir Bridge on Gulf of Alexandretta.

Air War

Eastern Mediterranean: Royal Navy seaplane carriers Ben-my-Chree and Raven II launch 9 aircraft which hit with 4 bombs and damage strategic Chikaldir bridge (Baghdad railway), near Gulf of Alexan­dretta; Turk heavy guns for Baghdad delayed.

Western Front

France: Foch moves to new assign­ment at Senlis as ‘Military Adviser to French Government’.

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