Diary December 27, 1917

Turkish troops at Jerusalem.
Turkish troops near Jerusalem.
World War One Diary for Thursday, December 27, 1917:

Middle East

Palestine: Turk counter­attack towards Jerusalem fails 3 miles north astride Nablus road despite fresh 1st Division. Deciphered radio message warns Allenby and Chetwode before December 24; British 60th Division repels eight Turk attacks; 10th and 74th Divisions capture Zeitun Ridge and village in 4,000 yards advance. 33,000 British troops and 180 guns advance up to 6 miles against strong but flagging resistance by 20,000 Turks and c.100 guns (December 28-30).

Western Front

Germany: Second conference between Ludendorff and army group staff chiefs on 1918 offensive in the West. General Hutier, from Eastern Front, takes over new Eighteenth Army at St Quentin.

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: Riga Council declares Latvian independence from Russia and requests Kaiser’s protection.

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