Diary December 3, 1916

General von Falkenhayn
General von Falkenhayn, Prussian Minister of War and German Army Chief of Staff until August 1916. He commanded in 1916-1917 an army in the conquest of Rumania.
World War One Diary for (day), (Datum):

Eastern Front

Rumania: Falkenhayn signs 3-day armistice allowing Bucharest‘s evacuation (arsenal and forts blown up on December 4).

Southern Front

Serbia: Serb Drina Division captures Gruniste east of Crna, then Staravina on December 4.

Sea War

Eastern Atlantic: German submarine U 38 shells Funchal, Madeira, sinking 3 ships (U 156 repeats it on December 12, 1917) as French sloop Surprise off port.

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