Diary December 5, 1915

Turkish troops crossing the Tigris or Euphrates
Turkish troops crossing the Tigris or Euphrates in a gufa, a type of primitive bitumen-covered reed boat that had been used in Mesopotamia for thousands of years.
Diary for Sunday, December 5, 1915:

Middle East

Mesopotamia – Siege of Kut begins. 7th Indian Division arrives at Basra.

Western Front

Flanders: French guns shell communication trenches near Het Sas.
Artois: Franco-German artillery duel at double slagheap southwest of Loos. A few German incendiary shells fired at Arras.
Somme: Trench fighting north of Herbecourt and near Tilloloy.
Meuse: French mining operations at Les Eparges.
Argonne: ­French mining operations.

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: Germans report Russian attack’s collapse near lake Babit, west of Riga (shelling and German gas attack on December 9).
Western Russia: Germans bombard Dvinsk sector.

African Fronts

Uganda: 500 British soldiers bridge river Kagera, occupy two empty German border posts until next day.
Lake Victoria: 3 British ships shell Kemondo Bay, land 100 troops at Lubembe Point who repulse three attacks and re-embark.

Sea War

Adriatic: Austrian cruiser Novara and destroyers torpedo and sink stranded French submarine Fresnel off Durazzo, Albania, after sinking 3 steamers and several small craft. Austrian cruiser Helgoland and 6 destroyers raid Durazzo and sinking 5 schooners.

Air War

Western Desert: 2 BE2cs fly first of many reconnaissance missions for WFF (Western Frontier Force) against Senussi from Matruh. Two other RFC detachments sent to Fayum (December 8) and El Hammam (December 18) to watch Sahara oases.

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