Diary February 10, 1915

Trench protected with steel plates
German trench in the Argonne, which is protected with steel plates.
Diary for Wednesday, February 10, 1915:

Western Front

Germans attack Marie Therese Work in La Grurie Wood (Argonne) and Ban-de-Sapt (Alsace), repulsed at both next day.
Champagne: French 60th Reserve Division mistakenly attacks Sabot Wood and loses 500 PoWs to German counter-attack.

Eastern Front

East Prussia: Eichhorn takes 10,000 PoWs, cuts Russian Kovno line of retreat.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Half 12th Indian Brigade arrives at Qurna, half-way to Ahwaz.


Britain: Reply to US note of December 26, 1914, on neutral shipping interference.
USA: Notes to Britain on illegal US flag use and to Germany (replies on February 16 and suggests US mediation) on U-boat blockade; latter to be held to ‘strict accountability’ if lives lost.

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