Diary February 11, 1916

Tank Mk I (Female)
Tank Mk I (Female)
Diary for Friday, February 11, 1916:

Home Fronts

Britain: BEF GHQ orders 40 Mk I tanks, Lieutenant-Colonel Swinton increases order to 100 (appointed commander of Machine-Gun Corps unit for crews on February 16).
Canada: 240,000 volunteers enlisted to date.

Western Front

Verdun: German offensive postponed to February 21, because of rain and snowstorms. French 14th and 51st Divisions given vital time to get up.
Champagne: French attack west of La Main-de­-Massiges.

Eastern Front

Western Russia: Russians repulsed south of Dvinsk but retake Garbonovka, repulse German attacks on February 15.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: British Tigris bridge completed upstream of Wadi.
Armenia: Yudenich attacks Erzerum (until February 16).

African Fronts

Western Desert: Royal Flying Corps watch 1,000 Senussi from Siwa occupy Baharia oasis, drop 8 x 2,016 lb bombs following day and scatter Senussi.

Sea War

Germany: Kaiser order allows U-boats to attack armed steamers as from February 29, but passenger liners excluded on February 24.
North Sea: Harwich Force flagship cruiser Arethusa mined (by German coastal-submarine UB) off Felixstowe returning from vain sortie to catch German ships.

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