Diary February 13, 1915

Russian cruiser Rurik
The Russian armored cruiser Rurik with a normal displacement of 15,190 tons, a top speed of 21 kts, a crew of 899 men and 4 x 10-in and 8 x 8-inch Vickers guns as main armament.
Diary for Saturday, February 13, 1915:

Sea War

Baltic: Russian cruiser flagship Rurik grounded off Gotland after minelaying; she limps into Reval.
Channel: Dover Patrol has 30 drifters barring straits with steel wire nets.

Western Front

Flanders: Franco-British advance east of Givenchy.
Vosges: Germans capture Xon-Norroy.
Alsace: German attack in Lauch Valley.

Middle East

Sinai: 500 or more Gurkhas and Egyptian soldiers surprise Turks, which suffering 162 casualties at Tor (Suez) thanks to Lieutenant-Colonel Parker’s Arab spy network.

African Fronts

East Africa: Colonel Kitchener arrives in Nairobi to investigate raising of irregular corps.
Cameroons: 250 French soldiers in skirmish near Garua.

Home Fronts

Britain: Railwaymen get 1st war bonus.

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