Diary February 13, 1916

Major-General Nikola Zhekov
Major-General Nikola Zhekov, the pro-German Commander of the Bulgarian Armed Forces.
Diary for Sunday, February 13, 1916:

Southern Fronts

Albania: Bulgar First Army takes Elbasan.

Western Front

Champagne: German success between Tahure and Somme-py; French counter­attacks fail on February 14-16.
Vosges­: Between Seppois and French frontier, Germans penetrate and hold French positions on February 13-14.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Kut first bombed from air. 140 Indian scurvy cases next day, c.5 per day thereon.

African Fronts

French West Africa: Tuareg chief Firhoun again rebels, attacking Menaka (and on March 13 and 28).


Allies notify Greece of Montenegrin Army’s transfer to Greek island of Corfu, arrives on February 16.

Home Fronts

Germany: 2,000 periodicals reported to have ceased due to paper shortage.

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