Diary February 13, 1945

Burning bodies of Dresden victims
For days the bodies of the victims of Dresden are burned on rail grates to prevent the spread of diseases.
Diary for Tuesday, February 13, 1945:

Air War

Germany: DESTRUCTION OF DRESDEN. 773 Lancaster bombers (5 lost) and 311 B-17 Fortress deliver ‘triple blow’ against this virtually undefended city near Russian Front, dropping 3,370 t. bombs, including c. 700,000 IBs. ‘Fire storm’ rages over 6.5 sq km and killing between 135,000 and 250,000 civilians, refugees and Allied prisoners (false propaganda messages); city burns for 7 days and 8 nights (68,650 corpses burnt on vast communal pyres).

Russian Front

Hungary: SIEGE OF BUDAPEST ENDS after 6 weeks of savage house-to­-house fighting.

Western Front

British troops secure the Reichswald.

Sea War

Pacific: 3 Japanese submarines sunk by US submarine Batfish over 4-day period (February 10-13).

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