Diary February 14, 1916

German troops have occupied an Allied trench
German troops have occupied an Allied trench and reserves run up to strengthen its defences against counter-attack.
Diary for Monday, February 14, 1916:

Western Front

Flanders: German attacks take 600 yards of trench north of Ypres canal, south of Ypres­-Comines railway and near Saint­-Eloi. British 17th Division loses the Bluff.
France: Franco­-British Conference at Chantilly determines final shape of Somme offensive, Joffre writes to Haig on February 18 that date will be c.1 July.

Air War

Italy: Austrians bomb Milan, Treviglio, Bergamo and Monza.


Allied Le Havre Declaration: No peace without Belgium’s restoration and indemnification.
Chantilly Conference fixes 1 July for Somme Offensive.
Russia: Novelist Hugh Walpole returns to Petrograd to run Allied Propaganda Bureau.

Home Fronts

Turkey: Bill extends military age to 50, plus payments from those excused.

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