Diary February 14, 1917

Bernstorff, the 'good German'
Bernstorff, the ‘good German’ but ladies’ man – adiplomat discomfited by scandal. But the German ambassador was a generally competent diplomat to whom both the American and German governments should have listened.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, February 14, 1917:


USA: German ambassador Ct Bernstorff sails from Hoboken NJ (home March 14, 1917). Congress votes funds for fortifications and $3.6 million for airships.

Sea War

Black Sea: 2 Russian destroyers and a minelayer from Batumi sink 15 Turk schooners between Amasra and Sinope.


Britain: Commons pledge that Alsace-Lorraine’s return a war objective.
Russia: Secret Russo-French Treaty signed at Petrograd on territorial aims.

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