Diary February 17, 1915

German cavalrymen escort Russian prisoners
German cavalrymen escort Russian prisoners to the rear – some of the 60,000 taken at the fall of the town of Czernowitz.
Diary for Wednesday, February 17, 1915:

Eastern Front

Bukovina: Austrians retake Czernowitz.

Air War

North Sea: 2 Zeppelins (L3 and L4) wrecked in crash-landings on neutral Danish coast.
Dardanelles: HMS Ark Royal (8 aircraft) arrives at Tenedos; her 2 Wright Navy planes attempt 4 reconnaissance sorties (1 successful) over Turk forts at Dardanelles (repeated on February 19, 20 and 26).
Western Front: French artillery observation locate 21 German batteries.

Western Front

Flanders: Indian Corps repulses attack near La Bassee.
Artois: Slight gains by French near Arras.
Champagne: French gains terrain northwest of Perthes including PoWs from 6 different German corps, but face two night counterattacks (February 17-18).
Meuse­: French gains terrain northwest of Verdun. French attack west flank of St Mihiel Salient.
Vosges: ­French capture Ferme Sudel.

Occupied countries

Belgium: All Allied nationals’ industries and businesses sequestrated.

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