Diary February 18, 1916

Caproni bomber
The crew of an Italian Caproni bomber.
Diary for Friday, February 18, 1916:

Air War

Austria – First long-distance Italian bombing raid: Caproni bombers drop almost 4,000 lb bombs on Laibach in retaliation for Austrian raid on Milan (February 14).

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Italian advance in Collo zone.

Middle East

Arabia: Sherif letter to Cairo says time needed to prepare rebellion, requests £50,000 for food and rifles (British approve on March 10).

African Fronts

North Cameroons – END OF CAMPAIGN: Mora surrenders (Captain Raben’s 156 men with 4 MGs).
Uganda: 30 police repulse 80 Germans (59 casualties) at Kachumbe and take an MG without loss; 170 British surprise and burn German Dwakitiku post on February 22.

Sea War

China: Royal Navy cruiser removes 38 Central Powers’ nationals from US SS China at Yangtze entrance; released on May 13.

Home Fronts

France: Government wins confi­dence vote.

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