Diary February 19, 1917

decoded Zimmermann telegram
The decoded Zimmermann telegram to the German ambassador in Mexico.
World War One Diary for Monday, February 19, 1917:

Secret War

Britain: Royal Navy Room 40 deciphers Zimmermann Telegram full text, shows it to US Embassy, Balfour gives Hall free hand on February 20.

Western front

Flanders: British take 114 PoWs in raid east of Ypres.
Somme: Germans with flamethrowers capture British post and 30 PoWs south of Le Transloy.

African Fronts

East Africa: NRFF engages Kraut’s rearguard near Litembo and Captain Wintgens’ 500 men, 3 guns and 13 MGs near Tandala, saving that post (Wintgens heading north on own solo raid ­until October 2).

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