Diary February 19, 1942

burning ships in the Port of Darwin
Picture taken by a Japanese pilot of burning ships in the Port of Darwin.
WW2 War Diary for Thursday, February 19, 1942:

Sea War

Pacific: THE DARWIN RAID. Japanese Carrier Force and land-based bombers make devastating strikes on Port Darwin, sinking or damaging 16 ships and panicking civilian population (172 killed, 349 injured aboard ships); heavy civilian casualties.
Dutch East Indies: Japanese land on Bali.
Battle of Lombok Strait (night February 19-20): 2 Dutch-American squadrons have several fierce engagements with Japanese naval units east of Bali. Dutch cruiser Tromp damaged and a destroyer sunk; 1 Japanese destroyer badly damaged.
Atlantic: U-boat U-161 attacks shipping in Port of Spain (Trinidad). British troopships are temporarily diverted elsewhere for refuelling.

Home Fronts

Britain – Government reshuffle: Attlee, Deputy Prime Minister and Dominions Secretary; Cripps, Lord Privy Seal; Beaverbrook leaves government.

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