Diary February 20, 1915

armored tractor Killen-Strait
The first ‘land ship’, the armored tractor Killen-Strait can not prevail because it can carry only a weak armament and is not able to cross trenches.
Diary for Saturday, February 20, 1915:

Home Fronts

Britain: First formal Admiralty Conference on ‘land ships’ in Churchill’s bedroom (‘flu). Land Ship committee meets on February 24, two working models to be built.

Western Front

Flanders: German capture small section of forward trench near Ypres. Sniper’s bullet kills talented Brigadier-General JE Gough (Victoria Cross), looking at Aubers Ridge.
Sir J French inspects 1 st Canadian Division.
Alsace­: German advance southeast of Sulzern.
Paris: A Terrier writes to Lyautey in Morocco: ‘There is a campaign … against the temporization of Joffre’.

Eastern Front

Poland: Russian Twelfth Army (including Guard Corps) counterattacks fail near Lomja and Plotsk.

Middle East

Egypt: Anzacs earmarked for Dardanelles.

Sea War

Baltic: Russian seaplane carrier Orlitsa (5 aircraft) commissioned.


Germany: Jagow to Bülow: ‘We have no means of compulsion against Austria’.
USA: Secretary of State Bryan sends mediation proposal to London and Berlin: U­-boat attacks to stop for food supply of German civilians under US supervision. Germany accepts with reservations on February 28.
German­-Americans form American Independence Union for strict neutrality.

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