Diary February 22, 1944

Russian horse artillery in deep mud
Russian horse artillery moving forward in deep mud.
WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, February 22, 1944:

Eastern Front

Southern Sector: Krivoi Rog, iron-mining centre in Donbas, captured by 3rd UF. Stalin issues two Orders of the Day: first, concerning Krivoi Rog and second, announcing that three-quarters of Soviet territory has now been liberated; Red Army has advanced up to 1,642 km.

Sea War

Pacific: Japanese night bombers and torpedo planes attack TF 58.

Air War

Western Europe: In dense cloud and freezing conditions, a B-24 Liberator group bombs Nijmegen (Holland) by mistake, killing 200 civilians.

Occupied Territories

Greece: German troop train derailled in Tempe Valley by British-led partisans; c.400 killed. Athens-Salonika line blocked for 4 days.

Home Fronts

India: Death of wife of Mahatma Gandhi; aged about 74.

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