Diary February 23, 1945

Flag rising Mt. Suribachi
US Flag rising bis Marines on Mt Suribachi on Iwo Jima.
Diary for Friday, February 23, 1945:


Iwo Jima: Marines take Mt Suribachi. Hoisting of US flag captured in classic photograph by Joe Rosenthal.

Russian Front

Poland – Siege of Poznan ends: Zhukov takes 23,000 prisoners.

Western Front

US 1st and 9th armies attack across river Roer (Operation Lumberjack).

Air War

Europe: Pforzheim (Rhine­land) devastated by 369 RAF bombers (12 lost, including the ‘Master Bomber‘s’ plane).

Sea War

Arctic: SS Henry Bacon sunk by Ju 88 torpedo planes – last Allied ship sunk by German aircraft in WW2.

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