Diary February 26, 1917

British 13-Pounder anti-aircraft gun.
A British 13-Pounder anti-aircraft gun.
World War One Diary for Monday, February 26, 1917:

Air War

Macedonia: 20 aircraft of KG 1 (transferred from Bucharest) surprise bomb French Gorgop airfield; 8 French aircraft destroyed, 4 damaged. KG 1 later bombs Yanesh airfield (RFC), British dumps and camps (28 casualties).

Middle East

Mesopotamia: British 13th Division belatedly drives Turk rearguard from Sheikh Ja’ad, but 3 Royal Navy gunboats (2 hit) destroy Turk flotilla (4 ships and 1,500 PoWs) and recapture HMS Firefly.


France: Allied Calais War Conference (­February 27) fixes next Western Front offensive.


USA­: Wilson asks Congress for power to arm merchant ships (Bill introduced on February 28, but filibustered in Senate to session’s end, March 3).

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