Diary February 27, 1942

crematoria at Auschwitz
KZ prison volunteers working in a crematoria at Auschwitz.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, February 27, 1942:

Home Fronts

Germany: Orders given for the building of 5 crematoria at Auschwitz, capable of ‘processing’ 12,000 gas chamber victims per day.

Sea War

Pacific – BATTLE OF JAVA SEA (February 27-March 1): Allied fleet, under Dutch Admiral Doorman, makes repeated but largely ineffectual attempts to repulse two Japanese invasion fleets approaching Java from east and west. Cruisers De Ruyter, Java, Houston, Perth and Exeter and destroyers Kortenaer, Electra, Jupiter, Encounter and Pope are sunk. Japanese lose 2 transports, 1 cruiser and 6 destroyers are damaged.

Air War

Burma: Japanese bombers make devastating incendiary raid on Toungoo (Burma Road); 400 killed.

Secret War

France – The Bruneval Raid (Operation Biting): British paratroops under command of Major I D Frost destroy radar station near Le Havre and escape by sea with vital components (night February 27-28).

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