Diary February 3, 1915

Indian troops defending Suez Canal
Indian soldiers under British officers occupy shallow trenches during their defense of the Suez Canal against the Turks.
Diary for Wednesday, February 3, 1915:

Middle East

Egypt: 12,000 Turks try to cross Suez Canal until next day at 3 points; only 3 pontoons (c. 60 men) cross. Repulsed by Indian troops (163 casualties) and Allied warships, Turks losing 1,490 men (incl. 716 PoWs) and 3 MGs.

Western Front

Somme: Germans attempt to use incendiary-filled boats on river Ancre.
Champagne: Ger­mans take part of French front line in Noton Wood Hill 191 with more than 600 PoWs, 9 guns and 9 MGs.

African Fronts

Cameroons: 750 British lose 120 men at Mbureku (and checked again on February 27) and Harmann’s Farm.
British Somaliland: Camel Corps again defeats Dervishes at Shimber Berris until next day.
South Africa: Kemp and last 500 rebels surrender at Upington. Germans repulsed from Kakamas on river Orange next day.


Bulgaria: German loan of £3 millions.

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