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Diary May 5, 1919

Allied troops meet at Verst 555 on the Volga front
Allied troops meet at Verst 555 on the Volga front in northern Russia on May 5, 1919. US Colonel Stewart (left) salutes US General Richardson (right). Stewart commands the 339th US Infantry Regiment nicknamed ‘The Polar Bears’. White Russian troops operate the railway gun in the middle, while British soldiers stand on the troop train.
World War One Diary for Monday, May 5, 1919:

Russia­: C-in-C Red Army Vatsetis sacks Colonel Kamenev for insubordination on Eastern Front but Lenin reinstate him in command of Eastern Front three weeks later. Vatsetis warns Defence Council that small-arms ammunition supply heading for ‘catastro­phe’.
Rumania: Government terms presented to Hungary.
Switzerland: Emperor Charles and Empress Zita’s fifth son born.

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