RakJpz 2 and HOT Jaguar in War Thunder

>German BR 8.3 with missile tank destroyers Raketenjagdpanzer 2 and RakJpz 2 HOT Jaguar in War Thunder.

RakJpz2 in action
Raketenjagdpanzer 2 (missile tank destroyer) of the Bundeswehr in action.

for Realistic Ground Battles in War Thunder, 16 June 2017.

The top ‘Battle Rating’ bracket for ‘Realistic land battles’ in War Thunder is the BR 8.3, with the RakJpz 2 HOT (missile tank destroyer) of the Bundeswehr currently the only German vehicle that is located there.
Also, the German victory rate on the BR 8.3 is slightly better than if one only use vehicles up to the BR 8.0.

RakJpz 2 HOT

RakJpz 2 HOT
RakJpz 2 HOT
The RakJpz 2 HOT is particularly suitable for battlefields with good and wide field of fire, as its missile can be steered well with the target optics. In addition, it is very flat and can thus almost always aim at the target behind smallest hilltops, as often only the barley detectable HOT missile projector and target optics are visible above.

The RakJpz 2 HOT is also very fast and mobile and can quickly hide even after the impact of the missile. However, the target must be kept in the missile visor so that no cover can be taken before the arrival of the HOT missile. Also, the HOT missile launcher can be rotated only to a certain, limited angle, so that not all targets can be fired immediately. Additional, care must be taken that the target is not leaving the limited field of fire while the missile is on the move.

Because of the weak armor, however, both missile tank destroyers are quickly out of action, most times with the first hit. Also, there are much less rebounds of shells than in the case of the tank destroyer ‘Kanonenjagdpanzer’ on the same chassis.

RakJpz 2

RakJpz 2
RakJpz 2
In addition there is the RakJpz 2 with two more or less steerable missiles, which are so difficult to control that the vehicle is actually suitable for the close combat. An advantage is, however, that at least one of the missiles can be aligned to the left or right, up to 90°, whereby the field of fire is larger than in the case of the RakJpz 2 HOT.
Also, it’s located on the BR 8.0, so it costs less entry points than the HOT.

It is one of the fastest German tanks (next to RakJpz 2 HOT and the new German premium light tank Ru 251), which makes it ideal for conquering scenarios for the occupation of CAP zones. In most cases there is a direct encounter at a short distance with fast, opposing vehicles, which do the same.

Video of the action with the RakJpz 2 HOT and the previous version

In these two battles one can see the advantages and the different tactics for both versions of the German Bundeswehr missile tank destroyer.

Unfortunately, this top battle rating in War Thunder is not yet fully balanced. This is due to the fact that British vehicles can never fight together with Germans, and since the Americans are always fighting together with the British, the whole story often ends with the Bundeswehr and some Japanese fighting the rest.

Since there is no competent German heavy tank (the ‘Maus’ is not correctly modeled in War Thunder and still comes from the Second World War), the close combat is difficult to fight practically only with light protected tanks against – for example – far better protected Russian MTB’s. So the thinly armored Leopard tank can still be destroyed by a ZSU AA-vehicle or even a BT tank from the time before the Second World War.

As a result, in the first six months of 2017 only 40% or 41% of the battles were won by the author, which is clearly below the average.

Which vehicle bracket has proven itself for BR 8.3?

The following is a summary of the author’s proven bracket for the BR 8.3, with the maximum number of 10 different vehicle slots being unlocked.
As always, the right mix of main vehicles for battles or conquest scenarios, as well as airplanes, tank destroyers and anti-aircraft vehicles, is again crucial for the successful performance during these battles.

Medium battle tank Leopard A1A1 (BR 8.0)

Leopard A1A1
Leopard A1A1
As a relatively fast and mobile MTB, the Leopard A1A1 has proved its worth and is used in all battles, where it is not a matter of conquering control zones (CAPs) at the beginning, which are better suited for one of the two missile tank destroyers because of their higher speed. Often the Leopard A1A1 is also used directly after the loss of one or both missile tank destroyers.
The predecessor Leopard I is not represented here in the bracket, but could be used also instead of a missile tank destroyer, airplane or the ‘Maus’, according to personal preferences.

Heavy battle tank Maus (BR 7.7)

super-haevy tank 'Maus'
German super-heavy tank ‘Maus’ (Mouse) in War Thunder.
The ‘Maus’ (mouse) is particularly suitable for street fighting or in the later course of the battle, when the opponents team has just many anti-aircraft vehicles or other, second and third class tanks in action, which can barely penetrate its armor.
Also, the ‘Maus’ often survives several hits when used correctly and is always good for at least one kill of opponent’s modern armor.

Tank destroyer Jagdpanzer 4-5 Kanone (BR 7.3)

Tank destroyer Jagdpanzer 4-5 'Kanone'
Tank destroyer Jagdpanzer 4-5 ‘Kanone’
As the cheapest tank destroyer (BR minus 1 and only 190 points at the beginning and 390 later in the battle), the ‘Kanonenjagdpanzer’ is available. This tank destroyer is very fast, mobile and flat and the one or the other hit bounces off its beveled surfaces.

Alternatively one could also use the ‘Sturmpanzer II’ (BR 2.3 with murderous howitzer) or the Jagdtiger (BR 7.0). Especially the Sturmpanzer II can earn a lot of in-game currency SL, if one succeeds a kill, as there are enormous bonuses for the knock-out of a much higher-settled vehicle in the ‘Battle Rating’.

Anti-aircraft vehicle Flakpz I Gepard

Flakpz I Gepard
Flakpz I Gepard
The Flakpz I Gepard is excellently suited for hitting fast and distant flying aircraft in the sky. For this purpose, it should be used first and foremost from secure positions, as it is difficult for the guns to penetrate most of the better armored tanks.

The Flakpz I Gepard of the German Bundeswehr is however in any case the best vehicle, which can still be used for a few spawn points and also the repair costs are low, so it is a favorable alternative in any already lost battles.

Anti-aircraft vehicle Kugelblitz (BR 7.0)

Anti-aircraft tank Kugelblitz
Anti-aircraft tank Kugelblitz
The anti-aircraft vehicle Kugelblitz is for this bracket the most favorable emergency vehicle, which can already be used for 150 spawn points.
Although against the fastest aircraft on this ‘Battle Rating’ not as effective as the Flakpz I Gepard, the guns can penetrate thicker armor of ground vehicles.

Jet bomber Arado Ar 234 C-3 (BR 7.0)

Arado Ar 234 C-3
Arado Ar 234 C-3
As the fastest German bomber, whose attacks are now best succumbing to the dive attack with a 1,000 kg (2,200lb) bomb and two 250 kg(550lb) bombs, is of course also on this BR still the first choice.

But the successor of the two-engined Ar 234 Blitz, which was in action at the end of the Second World War, can be intercepted here quite quickly by many modern jet fighters.

Jet fighter Ho 229 V3 (BR 7.0)

Horten Ho 229 V3 in War Thunder.
Horten Ho 229 V3 in War Thunder.
In the absence of more modern German jet aircraft, the Horten Ho 229 is also the best choice for ground attack. With it guns, the aircraft is still capable of ‘disassembling’ many ground vehicles, but it has difficulties to assert itself against enemy jet fighters in the face of a hostile air superiority.

Fighter Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-13 (BR 5.7)

Fw 190 D-13
Fw 190 D-13
The Fw 190 D-13 (Premium plane) is a more economical ground attack aircraft, as the 500 kg (1,100lb) bomb is still capable of destroying most tanks and it is even possible to shoot down aircraft in the fighter role. In addition, this premium aircraft earns more in-game currency SL and research points and is cheaper to repair.
If one do not have a suitable premium aircraft, one should use a cheap bomber or ground attack aircraft with at least 1,000 kg (2,200lb) bombs for ‘Kamikaze’ strikes, or use another tank destroyer (such as the Sturmpanzer II or Jagdtiger) or the more vulnerable MTB Leopard I as a reserve combat tank.

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