Diary February 5, 1917

credito italiano
Advertising campaign for Italian war bonds.
World War One Diary for Monday, February 5, 1917:

Home Fronts

Britain: National Service volunteer scheme begins enrolling 18-61 year olds (100,000 by March 3, including 15,000 women in 3 days, allowed to be taxi drivers).
Turkey: First drug profiteers punished (hundred arrested in May).
Italy: 4th War Loan opens.
New Zealand: Sheepskins commandeered.


Germany: Government refers to US relations break ‘The struggle is for our existence. For us there can be no retreat (from unrestricted U-boat warfare).’


Mexico: Pershing and last 10,000 US cavalry leave.
USA: President Wilson forbids sale, lease or charter of American vessels to foreign flags.

Secret War

Britain: DNI (Director Naval Intelligence) Captain Hall Royal Navy sees Foreign Office about publishing Zimmermann Telegram.

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