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Diary February 6, 1916

Immelmanns Fokker E IV
Fokker E IV of Immelmann, which was disappointing.
Diary for Sunday, February 6, 1916:

Air War

Western Front: Immelmann flies 3­-gun Fokker E IV in combat.

Western Front

Somme: French attacks on Vache Wood and Signal (Frise), recaptured (February 6-13).
Flanders­: Germans shell Loos.

Eastern Front

Conrad offers all German troops south of Pripet back to Falkenhayn who insultingly refuses, but only 2 divisions remain by June with German Army commanders.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front – Conrad gives first orders for spring offensive in Trentino: 14 divisions with 240 heavy guns to be assembled for attack on April 6, including VIII Corps from Serbia and 3 divisions and 60 heavy guns from Eastern Front. Troops begin arriving mid-February along single railway south of Trent.
Salonika: British 7th Mounted Brigade begins arriving, and temporarily an Royal Navy Division brigade (February 21 til early March) before Admiralty recall whole division from Mediter­ranean. French 17th Colonial Division arrives late February.

African Fronts

East Africa: Anglo-Belgian Conference at Lutobo. Smuts selected to succeed Smith­-Dorrien (public on February 10).

Sea War

Adriatic: 2 British cruisers, French destroyer Bouchier and Italian destroyer Bronzetti drive 6 Austrian torpedo boats (2 collide) with a destroyer back to Cattaro thus covering Serb Army evacuation to Corfu. Bad weather helps further until February 26.

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