Diary February 9, 1943

German transport in the Mediterranean
German transport in the Mediterranean.
WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, February 9, 1943:

Sea War

Mediterranean: First of 7 troop convoys leave South Italy with powerful reinforcements for Axis forces in Tunisia (February 9 – March 22); Malta-based RAF aircraft sink 10 ships; specially laid minefields and British subs also score numerous successes (3 submarines lost).


Guadalcanal Campaign Losses:

Japanese US
Killed24,0001,600 (only troops)
Wounded?4,709 (only troops)
Aircraft carriers 1 2
Battleships 2 -
Cruisers 4 8
Destroyers 11 17
MTBs - 6
Subs 6 -
Transports 16 4

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