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Diary February 1, 1942

Quisling and Himmler
Vidkun Quisling (center) in conversation with Reichsfuehrer-SS Himmler (left).
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, February 1, 1942:

Occupied territories

Norway: Quisling Government established in Norway.

Sea War

Pacific: US carriers Enterprise and Yorktown and cruisers Northampton and Salt Lake City attack Gilbert and Marshall Islands.

Home Fronts

Japan: Clothing rationing commences.
USA: Death of Marion Sayle (‘Voice of Experience’) Taylor, author and lecturer; aged 52.

Air War

Britain: RAF Regiments formed for local defence of UK airfields.
Pacific: Japanese commence series of day and night raids on Rangoon.


Vichy France: King Koadio Adiomani of Bonduku in Ivory Coast (Vichy-French West Africa), now in Gold Coast with several thousand of his subjects preparatory to joining Free French Movement.

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