Diary January 10, 1943

Russian mass assault with T-34 tanks and infantry
Russian mass assault with T-34 tanks and infantry against the lines of the German 6th Army around Stalingrad.
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, January 10, 1943:

Eastern Front

Stalingrad: Red Army launches Operation Ring – series of co-ordinated attacks from northwest and south (by Don Front), and from the east (by Stalingrad Front). By January 25, German 6th Army is split into two groups or ‘pockets’.

Sea War

Pacific: Giant US submarine Argonaut lost off New Guinea.

Occupied Territories

France: Milice Nationale (secret police force) created in Vichy France headed by Joseph Darnand, one of the heroes of Forbach Wood Incident. (See February 8, 1940.)

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