Diary January 12, 1917

urkish soldier on guard on the Eastern Front
A Turkish soldier on guard on the Eastern Front. He wears the huge shaggy fur coat used by eastern Anatolian peasants since at least the 6th century, as well as large fur over-boots.
World War One Diary for Friday, January 12, 1917:

Eastern Front

Rumania: Mackensen‘s Turkish troops take Mihalea on river Sereth northwest of Braila, he takes Vadeni 10 miles northwest on January 14 but driven out on January 16.

Middle East

Yemen: 5 British ships land a force at Salif, capture 100 Turks and recover British rock salt works after 3 hours action. Britain recognizes Farson Island as Idrisi territory on January 22.


Austria: Count Czernin tells Austrian Common Ministers Council compromise peace must be sought.
Italy: Allied Rome Note pledges to work for liberation of all Habsburg subject peoples.

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