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Diary January 14, 1918

Soldiers of the socialist revolution
Soldiers of the ‘Socialist Revolution’. A relatively small party of 350,000 men should succeed in bringing a country with 150 million inhabitants under control.
World War One Diary for Monday, January 14, 1918:

Eastern Front

Russia: Lenin receives diplomatic corps, speaks at departure of ‘first volunteers of the Socialist army and escapes shots fired at his car.

Southern Fronts

Piave: Italian 22nd Infantry Division reaches Mt Asolone summit, taking 400 PoWs, but forced off until January 16. Some Italian advance in Piave Delta.

Sea War

North Sea: German destroyer raid on Gt Yarmouth (12 casualties including 3 military). Harwich Force (Tyrwhitt promoted Rear-Admiral today above 48 captains) sails within 90 minutes of shelling starting but unable to intercept until January 15.

Air War

Germany: 12 DH4s of No 55 Squadron Royal Flying Corps damage workshops at Karlsruhe in daylight raid.

Home Fronts

Britain: Geddes introduces Manpower Bill to reassembled Commons, 420,000-450,000 men needed immediately.
France: Ex-Prime Minister Caillaux arrested on treason charge of ‘peace intrigue’ with Germans during 1915 Argentina visit. Convicted on lesser grounds February 1920 and soon released.

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