Diary January 14, 1943

Casablanca Conference
Allied leaders Giraud (French), Roosevelt (US President), De Gaulle (Free-French) and Churchill (British Prime Minister) at the Casablanca Conference.
WW2 War Diary for Thursday, January 14, 1943:


CASABLANCA CONFERENCE (January 14-25): Churchill and Roosevelt demand ‘Unconditional surrender’ of Germany, Italy and Japan. Defeat of U-boats to receive top priority; Sicily to be invaded during 1943. De Gaulle and Giraud attend.

Eastern Front

Stalingrad: Russians capture Pitomnik airfield – vital base for German airlift.

Air War

Southeast Asia: 3 Japanese bombers shot down in 4 minutes by RAF Beaufighter night fighter over Calcutta.
Western Europe: First of 5 heavy RAF night raids on Lorient.

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