Diary January 15, 1916

Germany nursing her latest offspring, a submarine
Germany nursing her latest offspring, a submarine, while the Kaiser and Admiral Tirpitz smile down benignly from their portraits.
Diary for Saturday, January 15, 1916:

Sea War

Germany: Chief of Navy Staff Holtzendorff claims new U­-boats can put Britain out of war in 6-7 months, pressing Kaiser on January 24.
North Sea: Dover Patrol monitors shell Westeinde, Belgium (and on January 27).

Eastern Front

Pripet: Russian progress on river Styr south of Pinsk.

Middle East

Balkan Express’ rail link between Turkey and Germany opens.
Mesopotamia – Kut: Goltz inspects siege lines.


USA: Papen papers published including cheque book payments to German agents.
Switzerland: Two Swiss colonels charged with reporting to Austro­-German military attaches (acquitted on February 29).

Home Fronts

Turkey: Kemal rides in triumph into Adrianople.

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